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Coffs Harbour Taekwondo Classes

Beginner Taekwondo Classes Enrolling In March

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Are you ready to transform your feet and fists into powerful weapons of self-defence? If you answered, “Yes!”, then it’s time you discovered the taekwondo classes at Diamond Martial Arts! And while you’re learning the most popular self-defence systems known to man, you’ll be getting an incredible head-to-toe workout that will leave you turning heads and feeling like a million bucks!


Diamond Martial Arts is anything but your ordinary karate school. That’s because we specialize in taekwondo, the Korean martial art that is revered for being “the way of the hand and foot”. Unlike typical karate classes that rely on man-made handheld weapons, taekwondo classes at Diamond Martial Arts will show you how to defend yourself using nothing but your God-given weapons—your hands and feet!

With our taekwondo classes, you’ll learn how to survive the most brutal attacks by disarming and disabling your attacker with brute-force punches and body-breaking kicks! And as you master the ultimate self-defence program, you’ll enjoy dozens of added benefits that only taekwondo can offer. Just take a look:

  • Unwanted fat and flab will effortlessly disappear as you kick-start your metabolism with a calorie-crushing workout
  • You’ll easily build muscle and strength as you master the techniques of taekwondo
  • You’ll enjoy a huge boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • You’ll develop cat-like reflexes and razor-sharp concentration
  • Your daily stressors will fade away


When you take the taekwondo classes at Diamond Martial Arts, you’ll have the rare privilege of working with one of the leading martial arts instructors on the planet! In just a few short classes, Master Phil Monaghan will impart over three decades of taekwondo skills and techniques on to you, giving you everything you need to become a master of taekwondo yourself! And as you learn taekwondo at the hands of Master Phil, you’ll develop mind-sharpening skills that you just can’t find in any other fitness program!


At Diamond Martial Arts, we’re so confident that you’ll be thrilled with the results you’re guaranteed to get when you enroll in our taekwondo classes. From serious self-defence that will leave you fierce and fearless, to a killer workout that will give you a gorgeous new body, there are plenty of reasons to try taekwondo.

To find out more about this incredible opportunity and to take advantage of a special limited-time offer, just complete the brief, no-obligation form on this page. When you do, we’ll give you all the information you need to get started in the taekwondo classes at Diamond Martial Arts!

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